Co-financing of 8 postgraduates via Tuition Fee Waiver program (2020-2022)

Co-financing of 8 postgraduates via Tuition Fee Waiver program (2020-2022)

Funded project

18 585 €

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Vilnius University annually provides 5 scholarships for studies in English or Russian to talented master’s students from outside the European Union / European Economic Area. Last year, around 130 candidates applied for these 5 scholarships.

In support of this initiative and in order to achieve greater international competitiveness of Vilnius University, this year we are awarding 3 additional scholarships from the Fund’s return on investment and targeted support. For this project Vilnius University Foundation allocated 12 085 EUR from return on investment. This year, Vilnius University will accept 8 talented students from Turkey, Albania, Nigeria, India, Kosovo and South Korea.

Scholarships fully cover the cost of master’s studies in English or Russian. Selected students will deepen their knowledge in the following areas: English (Faculty of Philology), Finance and Banking (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration), Eastern European and Russian Studies (Institute of International Relations and Political Science), International Business Management (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration), International and European Law (Faculty of Law), Molecular Biotechnology (Center of Life Sciences) and Digital Marketing (VU Business School).

We are happy to contribute to the promotion of the international competitiveness of Vilnius University.

Project sponsors

Įmonės / organizacijos

  • Vilnius University Foundation (from return on investment)

Fiziniai asmenys

  • Evaldas Rimšelis