Traditions of Philanthropy

Vilnius University has always been at the center of attention for Lithuania’s brightest minds appreciating the importance of education. The gallery of Vilnius University Grand Courtyard commemorates University’s founders, patrons and eminent men of science. It reminds of the importance of ideas and work that were conceived and developed here, as Vilnius University, alongside being an education establishment, has always been one of the most prominent sources of the country’s progress.

Frescos at Vilnius University Grand Courtyard

The University’s history is marked by notable figures as it has been a place for realization of ideas and visions not only for scientists, but political and business figures alike. Each sponsor and ideological partner has once made a timely decision – to support the intellectual origins.

Historical patrons Valerijonas Protasevičius, Kazimieras Leonas Sapiega, Jurgis Radvila, Elžbieta Oginskaitė–Puzinienė

Valerijonas Protasevičius, Kazimieras Leonas Sapiega, Jurgis Radvila, Elžbieta Oginskaitė–Puzinienė and many others were not simply individual sponsors, but rather the creators and successors of the prestigious tradition of patronage. Each of them in their own right contributed to the maturity of the Lithuanian intelligentsia, higher education and the society as a whole.

Cooperation of the Fundation and VU

The founders and fellow partners of the Vilnius University Foundation aim again, in the 21st century, to gather the business, science and societal thought leaders that contribute to the future achievements of Lithuania. The Vilnius University Foundation is a continuation of a centuries-long tradition of cooperation between science and business.

Modern times patrons Rimantas Kraujalis, Reda ir Alvydas Žaboliai, Darius Zubas, Danas Tvarijonavičius, Romualdas Danielius

By carrying on the tradition of patronage, the Foundation makes a commitment to act exclusively for the benefit of the University, while Vilnius University, by implementing the Foundation’s select projects, takes advantage of the additional financial opportunities to attract foreign talent, increase the quality of study and research and initiate other added-value activities at Vilnius University.

So me of our sponsorship recipients: Mantas Šimėnas, Thomas Peak, Nethra Dev Milind Dev

Pursuant to the cooperation agreement, Vilnius University has granted the Foundation the permission to use its name, promote the Foundation and ensure proper organization of the Foundation’s activities, while the Foundation is obliged to act exclusively for the benefit of VU. The Vilnius University Foundation is the University’s social partner that is represented in the University’s governing bodies.