Foundation’s Vision & Mission

Founded to establish an endowment capital fund, Vilnius University Foundation uses the return made from investment to ensure university’s financial stability, finance studies, internships, establish scholarships and mobility grants for the most talented students and scholars at home and abroad. The Foundation supports scientific research of the highest quality and the creation of study programmes that correspond to global demands and encourages other high added-value projects.

By embracing the historical experience, current ambitions and future prospects the Fundation strives to ensure the global competitiveness of Vilnius University as a national hub of science and culture.

The Beginnings

Vilnius University Foundation was established on April 6, 2016, thus becoming the first university endowment in Lithuania. The Foundation establishing treaty was signed by the first three investors – Rimantas Kraujalis on behalf of  JSC “Ekspla”, Professor Algis Petras Piskarskas on behalf of JSC “Light Conversion” and investor Alvydas Žabolis.

In countries like the USA and Great Britain university endowments are a common and proven practice – more than 80 USA universities’ endowments have each collected over a billion US dollars. Among them, Harvard University Endowment is the largest, amounting to over 40 billion US dollars (as of 2019). Meanwhile, in Great Britain the Cambridge University Endowment Fund and the Oxford Endowment Fund amount to over 5 billion GBP each.

By establishing the first fund of this kind in Lithuania, the investors set a new standard for the society that understands the importance of investing into the country’s future generations and wants to contribute to strengthening the global competitiveness of one of the oldest and biggest Lithuanian higher education establishments.

We invite everyone who views one of the oldest Eastern and Central Europe’s universities as the heart for Lithuania’s brightest minds to join other supporters of this idea and leave their mark for future generations.

How endowment works

Endowment capital
2 774 879 €
Investments into various asset classes
Up to 50% reinvested
Investment returns
487 000 €

Projects to finance


For exceptional students
For students, lecturers, scientists
Attracting lecturers
Temporary visits or permanent chairs of world-class lecturers


Study programs
Developing programs matching global needs
Scientific research
Encouraging high added value research
Improving the quality of science and education

* Other exceptional initiatives for encouraging the global competitiveness of VU may be funded under a separate decision of the Fund