Support for synthetic biology team of VU “Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM” 2022

Support for synthetic biology team of VU “Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM” 2022

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Vilnius University students’ team “Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM 2022” encourages the community to contribute to their participation in a prestigious international synthetic biology competition “iGEM 2022” (International Genetically Engineered Machine)!

What is the “iGEM 2022”?

Synthetic biology is an emerging science field which combines biology with engineering. iGEM competition aims to involve as many students as possible, encourages them to get to know this broad scientific field and spread its idea to the public. Teams gather from various universities around the world to discover unique solutions to critical environmental, health and agricultural problems.

One of the significant goals is to educate those around you – from the youngest to the oldest ones – and to grow their awareness. Students work in laboratories, hold meetings with scientists and business representatives who face corresponding problems. More →



Team of 2022

It is the 8th year when VU students take part in the iGEM competition:

2015 → “ColiClock”​,
2016 → “PheLoss”,​
2017 → “SynORI”,
2018 → “SynDrop“ & „CAT-Seq”,
2019 → “Colight”,
2020 → “FlavoFlow”,
2021 → “Amebye”.

All of these mentioned groups have received gold or bronze medals and even won the competition twice – in 2017 and in 2020.

“Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM” team of 2022 members: Andrius Vasiljevas, Brigita Duchovska, Simonija Kelpšaitė, Simona Bendžiūtė, Bartė Žiliukaitė, Laura Milaknytė, Gabrielė Olendraitė, Domas Sakavičius, Emilija Dešč, Vadim Cheremisinov, Vasarė Augustė Kacevičiūtė, Kamilė Čeponytė ir Ieva Lukauskaitė.


Our project idea for “iGEM 2022”

As we know, humanity faces the problems of pollution and irresponsible use of plastic. It affects our quality of life. Plastic goes through fragmentation down to the nano-sized particles invisible to the naked eye. The latter are extremely hazardous for living creatures, as they can potentially accumulate in the body and cause dangerous ailments.

This year’s team is working to create an easily accessible nanoplastic detection tool “NanoFind”, using peptides, whose interaction with nanoplastic particles would lead to an easily interpretable color response. The system will show the type and concentration of plastic in the specimen.

Implementation of this system will be the first important step towards enabling a more detailed understanding of nanoplastic pollution trends. Opportunities will be opened for future Lithuanian and global iGEM teams and independent groups of scientists to improve our invented tool and continue advanced research in this field.


Why we need your support

It is a big honor to be a part of world-class competition and represent Vilnius University. We aim to crowd-fund at leats EUR 10K, which will let us present our project not only to compatriots but also to show it for all iGEM teams at the final event in France. The accomplishments of Lithuanian teams are always spectacular but most importantly – helpful for society.

We are eager and curious to get to know project results of other teams (their researches, achievements and activities), to greet teams face to face as we had discussions online, to rejoice at our hard work. Unfortunately, this purpose requires financial resources, hence we encourage you to help Lithuanian students to spread their science work ideas, results on a worldwide level. Each assistance is a big step into an immense ocean of knowledge.


A big thanks to you!

Everyone who will contribute to the execution of our idea, will receive digital letters, postcards and “NanoFind” leaflets!

Take part in promoting science and influencing students to dive into the world of great science! Follow all the latest news about “Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM” team:, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.


You can also donate via bank transfer:

IBAN → LT25 7300 0101 6832 6034
Recipient → Paramos fondas Vilniaus universiteto fondas (company code 304222713)
Subject → Support for “Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM”

Contact person:

Andrius Vasiljevas, Team Leader of "Vilnius-Lithuania iGEM"
Phone: +370 633 63686

Project sponsors



  • Greta Zaburaite
  • Liudvika Vasiljeviene
  • Marija Ger
  • Gražina Valužė
  • Roma Laurinkiene
  • Gabrielė Kasperaitė
  • Supported anonymously
  • Jonas Kuprevičius
  • Urtė Neniškytė
  • Gabija Zinkevičiūtė
  • Ingrida Olendraitė
  • Artiom Magomedov
  • Gediminas Skauminas
  • Mantas Šerelis
  • Diana Sakavičienė
  • Marius Paulauskas
  • Joana Smirnovienė
  • Artūras Vasiljevas
  • Paulina` Sukurė
  • Justinas Noreika
  • Robertas Zilinskas
  • Saulius Plančiūnas
  • Žydrutė Milaknienė
  • Anonimas
  • Rolandas Bendzius
  • Gitaras Namisėda
  • Gytis Druteika
  • Paulius Sungaila
  • Goda Šerelytė
  • Justinas Jakštonis
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