The support of Juozas Sidas to VU Faculty of History

The support of Juozas Sidas to VU Faculty of History

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In 2017 Vilnius University and an American-Lithuanian Juozas Sidas, with the initiative of the Vilnius University Foundation, signed a donation agreement for the support of history studies and research at Vilnius University. With this support, Juozas Sidas cherishes the memory of his uncle, a famous interwar Lithuanian political figure, diplomat Vaclovas Sidzikauskas (1893–1973).

The support of Juozas Sidas allows to strengthen the areas where resources are most lacking – research infrastructure and the preparation of international high-level publications on the topic of Lithuanian history.

Support funds are allocated for three areas: renewal of the infrastructure of the Faculty of History, dissemination of scientific results and promotion of researchers. Most of the funds were used to upgrade the computer classroom for faculty members and students. This technology helps to ensure the connection between the studies and research carried out at the Faculty of History with the applied fields by using the achievements and tools of physical and technological sciences in history, archeology, heritage studies (GIS, ESRI, ArcGIS software – maps, databases, archeological drawing and sketching, etc.). Part of the support allowed a greater dissemination of research and internationalization of the researchers of the Faculty of History by facilitating the publication of 11 academic articles on  Lithuanian history at international publications. Also the Vaclovas Sidzikauskas Award for Historical Research was announced. The award is granted during the celebration of the end of the academic year at St. John’s Church.

3 awards have already been granted:

In 2017 the award went to doc. dr. Marija Drėmaitė for her research in the interwar and Soviet Lithuanian architecture (monographs: Meteor of Progress: Modernization and Industrial Architecture in Lithuania 1918–1940, Vilnius: Lapas, 2016 and Baltic Modernism. Architecture and Housing in Soviet Lithuania, Berlin: DOM Publishers, 2017).

In 2018 to dr. Tomas Vaiseta for his research on the history of psychiatry in Lithuania (monograph Vasarnamis, Vilnius: Lapas, 2018)

In 2019 to prof. dr. Arūnas Streikas for his monograph The Collectivization of Thought: Censorship in Soviet Lithuania, Vilnius: Naujasis židinys-Aidai, 2018.

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