Named EUR 100,000 Arimex Endowment Sub-Fund Launched To Support VU Community's Mobility

2024 02 08

Named EUR 100,000 Arimex Endowment Sub-Fund Launched To Support VU Community's Mobility

Arimex, a supplier of nuts and dried fruits, allocated EUR 100,000 to the named endowment sub-fund, the investment return of which will be dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote mobility and well-being of the Vilnius University (VU) community.

From left to right: Justinas Noreika, CEO of the VU Foundation; Arnas Jurskis, founder and CEO of Arimex; Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas, rector of VU; and Dr. Ramunė Žilinskienė, director of the VU Health and Sport Center

"At Arimex, we aim to create positive change in society by promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. For many years, we have been building communities, educating, and annually contributing to the success of hundreds of healthy lifestyle initiatives. Today, we take pride in the fact that our efforts will reach the Vilnius University community. We firmly believe that investing in the well-being of the university community will nurture a culture where energy, enthusiasm, new strength, and positivity come together, inspiring university talents to achieve even higher academic accomplishments that elevate our country," says Arimex founder and director Arnas Jurskis.

Strengthening wellness initiatives at the University aims to foster a love of sport in at least half a dozen community members each year, who will consistently and purposefully promote an active lifestyle. The support will provide greater opportunities for motivation, training and participation in sport events. The VU Health and Sport Center stands as the vanguard of the community's mobility and well-being.

"I thank the company Arimex for the trust and support shown to the Vilnius University Foundation. I am pleased that the Student Food creators will also contribute to increasing students' mobility, health and physical fitness. And as Rector, remembering your support, I will feel a greater commitment to demonstrate leadership while still moving on the football field or walking to work," said Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas, Rector of Vilnius University.

According to the VU Foundation, the formation and management of restricted endowment sub-funds is a well-established and common practice of university foundations. The largest US university foundations have several thousand philanthropically funded sub-funds, the total value of which often exceeds 75 percent of the total fund value.

According to Justinas Noreika, CEO of the VU Foundation, Arimex is the first sub-fund of a corporate name in the VU Foundation. All twelve sub-funds managed by the VU Foundation have a value of EUR 0.9 million, which is about 22% of the total value of the VU's endowment capital of EUR 4.3 million. At the end of 2023, the VU Fund recorded a positive return on investment of 9.7%.