The Alunāns family scholarship for Deimantė Aniūkštytė

The Alunāns family scholarship for Deimantė Aniūkštytė

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The University of Latvia Foundation in cooperation with the Vilnius University Foundation established the Alunāns Family Scholarship aimed at the VU students. In 2001, the sponsor of the University of Latvia Foundation Pēteris Alunāns set up a scholarship in memory of his father for those who have the most difficulties in achieving higher education: orphans, students who have lost their parents and who come from financially deprived families (e.g. when parents are unemployed or with limited work capacity).

Since 2018, VU has been implementing this initiative by giving one first-year BA student an annual Alunāns Family Scholarship of EUR 2,500 for the whole duration of studies and, if necessary, by covering the whole cost of studies. The first one to receive this scholarship in 2018 was a student of Vilnius University Institute of International Relations and Political Science (VU TSPMI) Deimantė Aniūkštytė.

This project not only increases the accessibility of higher education, but also encourages the growth of the culture of philanthropy in the Baltic states. “I would like to thank the team of the University of Latvia Foundation and the Foundation’s patron Pēteris Alunāns for providing the students of Vilnius University with an opportunity to participate in the Alunāns Family Scholarship programme. I believe that in the future the close cooperation of both foundations will bear many joint projects”, said the director of the Vilnius University Foundation Justinas Noreika.

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