VU Kaunas Faculty Endowment Sub-fund

VU Kaunas Faculty Endowment Sub-fund

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Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty presents its endowment sub-fund and invites the public, partners and friends of the Faculty and the alumni community to contribute by making an online donation. The sub-fund was launched with a generous donation of EUR 100 000 from the ACME Group.

Justinas Noreika, Tomas Palšis, Kęstutis Driaunys, Stepas Telešius, Stede Ingram, Giedrius Romeika

About VU Kaunas Faculty

The VU Kaunas Faculty has been representing Vilnius University in the Kaunas region since 1964. Unique in its history and present, the Kaunas Faculty is located at the centre of the Kaunas old town, in the historic XVI-XVII century buildings of Muitinės street, thus resembling the ensemble of the old Vilnius University.

VU KnF is a multidisciplinary Faculty that brings together researchers and lecturers of the Humanities, IT and Social Sciences. The faculty encompasses studies at all three levels (bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD studies).

We attract not only local, but also international students, thus cooperation ties are forged across the globe. This multicultural atmosphere helps grow an international alumni community, who continue to be involved in the study process, maintain relations with the community by sharing their professional experience and practical knowledge, gladly participate in cultural activities, and support new initiatives of the Faculty.

KnF researchers are keen on sharing their skills and knowledge with the society: they offer a variety of trainings and services for companies and state institutions (e.g., cyber security, MarTech), and they welcome school pupils for a first-hand experience at university studies by engaging them in practical activities (e.g., audiovisual translation workshops).


Endowment Capital Investment Management

VU Kaunas Faculty Endowment Sub-fund is a sustainable and intelligent finance management model, where the received funds are invested in various asset classes and the return on investment is allocated annually to the needs of the center.

VU Foundation’s investment strategy is in line with the best international practice: diversified financial instruments; risk management; investing in a global market. The Sub-fund’s capital is invested together with the main Fund’s capital. An allocation ratio of 2.5% (or individually agreed) is used to calculate the annual payout to VU Kaunas Faculty. The part of the investment gain that exceeds the payout is reinvested.

Because of reinvesting, the value of the Sub-fund will grow exponentially over the years. Check out the simulation below on how the initial capital of EUR 100,000 will grow over the next 100 years and what return it will bring to VU Kaunas Faculty.

Allocating The Return On Investment

The investment returns of the VU Kaunas Faculty Endowment Sub-Fund will be used to establish student scholarships. In the future, the return on investment will enable the Faculty to attract talented scientists, teachers and researchers.


Donate And Spread The Word!

Make online donations quickly and easily, and spread the word in the community. Contribute to the growth and international competitiveness of VU Kaunas Faculty! Donations are professionally invested and the return on investment funds the Faculty’s scientific talent.


You can also donate via bank transfer:

IBAN → LT22 7300 0101 8118 5087 (Swedbank)
Payment purpose → Donation to VU Kaunas Faculty Endowment Sub-fund
Recipient → Paramos fondas Vilniaus universiteto fondas (company code 304222713)

For contribution contracts over 14.5 thousand Euro notarization is required. Vilnius University Foundation will take care of it. Contact us in a convenient way.


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Contact person:
+370 37 422 523

Subfund sponsors


  • ACME Grupė


  • Supported anonymously
  • Dalia Pan
  • Diana Stasiulaitienė
  • Nerijus Čepauskas
  • Aušra Isaikinienė
  • Edita Malūkienė
  • Algirdas Pukis
  • Valdas Jazbutis
  • Mindaugas Dirgincius
  • Rolandas Šimoliūnas
  • Rita Palšienė
  • Tomas Palšis
  • Justinas Noreika