VU Museum Endowment Sub-fund

VU Museum Endowment Sub-fund

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The VU Museum Endowment Sub-fund was formed in August 2022 thanks to the entrepreneur Gediminas Vaitiekūnas, an alumnus of the VU Faculty of Physics. The patron supported the VU Foundation’s endowment capital with EUR 300 thousand, of which 20% – EUR 60 thousand – were allocated to the needs of the VU Museum Endowment Sub-fund. We invite you to support the VU Museum Endowment Sub-fund. Donations are invested and the payout from the investment returns earned are used annually for the needs of the VU Museum.

About the VU Museum

Vilnius University museum has four departments – the VU architectural ensemble and bell tower, the Adam Mickiewicz Museum, and the M. K. Čiurlionis Street Observatory (“Observatory of Ideas”).

One of the main goals of the Museum is to: collect, preserve and study the values of the University’s academic, cultural, and scientific heritage; to present the University’s rich history, and its heritage to the University community, the Lithuanian public, and foreign visitors; to cooperate with the University’s other departments, museums, cultural and scientific organizations in Lithuania and abroad. The Museum offers the public various excursions and educational activities, and also, updates and introduces new ones every year.

Among the exhibits of Vilnius University Museum, which are important for the history of Lithuania, there is the first Lithuanian book published in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania “Postilla catholicka” (Mikalojus Daukša, 1599), the “Dictionary of Three Languages” (Konstantinas Sirvydas, 1713), the collection of poetry “Lyricorum libri IV” (Motiejus K. Sarbievijus, 1632), “Artis magnae artilleriae pars prima” (Kazimieras Simonavičius, 1650) and others. The museum also houses a collection of 19th-century Masonic ritual items, 19th and 20th-century prints (Vilčinskis’ album sheets form a significant part of the collection), 20th-century paintings related to Vilnius University, and sculptures, most of which are busts of 19th-century professors.

One of the central units of the Vilnius University Museum is the University’s architectural ensemble, St. John’s Church, and the bell tower. Located in the heart of Vilnius Old Town, the architectural ensemble of the University Palace tells a story of almost 500 years of history, framed by the city’s four streets: the University (formerly Bishops’) (Universiteto st.), St. John’s (Šv. Jono st.), Castle (Pilies st.), and Skapo (Skapo st.). The bell tower’s observation deck offers an unforgettable view of Vilnius.

The Adam Mickiewicz Museum is one of the oldest museums in Vilnius, founded in 1911 to commemorate the poet’s life and work. Today, the museum holds many paintings, books, photographs, sculptures, and other museum objects related to Adam Mickiewicz.

Vilnius University’s “Observatory of Ideas” is a space for education, leisure, and science communication in the unique location of the historical observatory complex on Čiurlionio street.

About the patron Gediminas Vaitiekūnas

Gediminas Vaitiekūnas, an alumnus of the VU Faculty of Physics, has built a successful business in telecommunication and fiber optic technologies, as well as in real estate management. The philanthropist is a member of Vilnius Old Town Rotary club, president of Deer farmers association, Chairman of Lithuanian Association of Hunters.

Since 2022, G. Vaitiekūnas, representing NGO “GV muziejus”, has become a shareholder of the VU Foundation. In January 2023, the philanthropist was awarded the honorary title of Patron of Vilnius City Municipality for his significant support to the VU Foundation.


You can also donate via a bank transfer:

IBAN → LT62 7300 0101 7889 9823 (Swedbank)
Payment purpose → Donation to VU Museum Sub-fund
Recipient → Paramos fondas Vilniaus universiteto fondas (company code 304222713)

For contribution contracts over 14.5 thousand euros notarization is required. Vilnius University Foundation will take care of it. Contact us in a convenient way.


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Subfund sponsors


  • Gediminas Vaitiekūnas (VšĮ „GV muziejus“)


  • Paskyrę GPM dalį už 2022 m.
  • Justinas Noreika